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Ficus Ventura is a compact tree which produces large fruit. The fruit have a green skin and dark red interior flesh. The fruit are ripe later in the season and can be used for both drying and fresh eating.
Fig French Sugar produces medium sized fruit with green/ brown skin and red sweet flesh. Lovely when eaten fresh.
Ficus Brown Turkey Fig Brown Turkey is a productive fig which produces green or pale brown fruit early in the season.
Kaffir Lime and Leaves
Citrus Kaffir Lime has distinctive aromatic double leaves. the fruit are rough and dark green but ripen to a yellow colour.
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Lomandra Little Pal
Lomandra Little Pal is an attractive light green grass with upright foliage. It is quite hardy. In summer small flowers grow amongst the foliage.
Liriope Samantha
Liriope 'Samantha' . Attractive Grass-Green Leaves with pink flowers.